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Listen to New Bern Now and Beyond Internet Radio Station! Our Podcast shows are produced by the people and for the people of and visitors to New Bern and Eastern North Carolina.

The Podsquad meets every other week and has a great time talking about what’s going on in our small town with big city happenings!

A lot of you may already know members of our Podsquad. We have Lisa Bisbee-Lentz, Susan Moffat-Thomas, Rich Sheridan, George Oliver, Colleen Roberts, Jane Maulucci, Laura Johnson, Clayton Cheek and yours truly, Wendy Card.

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Wendy Card,

Owner, New Bern Now


Sep 8, 2017

We’re excited to bring you a special podcast about the Entrepreneur Center of Craven County (TEC3).

Our special guests are Dan Spangler, owner of A Dog’s Dream and Founder of TEC3, Timothy Downs, the Craven County Economic Director, Charles Parker of HCH Enterprises, and Chairperson for TEC3 Committee, and Bob Mackowski, owner of Open Aperture Photography and potential member of TEC3.

We really appreciate everyone joining us for this Podcast! Kudos goes out the The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County’s Board, Volunteers, and Sponsors for all of your hard work.

Learn more about TEC3 by visiting their website at

Tell us what you think sending us an email.

Wendy Card